It’s your turn to see the most popular play in the US!

Almost, Maine by John Cariani

Almost, Maine is a series of loosely intertwined scenes about love and loss that take place over one night in a fictional Maine town.” (Chafin)

The beauty of this play resides in its deceptive complexity. Love is never simply as it seems; love is so many things to so many of us. Fossil Ridge puts its own spin on this soon-to-be classic by innovating directing and design. Students are designing every element of the show from lights to costumes to publicity. And we’re excited to showcase two casts! Students play one set of roles for Ms. Rust on opening night, then switch roles and play under the direction of Mr. Garner the next night!

Special! See both casts perform Saturday for a discount! Saturday matinee & evening $15 for students and $20 for adults

Thursday: Rust's cast

Friday: Garner's cast

Saturday matinee: Garner's cast

Saturday evening: Rust's cast

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